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Hurricane Riders

for everyone effected by hurricanes

Hurricane Information
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I noticed last year especially during Katrina that livejournal was used a lot as a huge pool of information for people in the path and people who evacuated. The only problem was that there were too many different places to look for what you were trying to find. Which is why I created this community. A place where anyone from any city, state, etc could come to look up info during a storm or to post anything relevant and helpful. My goal of this place is to keep everyone informed. People that have evacuated, people that have stayed during a storm, people who have family members in the path of a storm or people curious and willing to contribute other data are all welcome here.

See below for information on the community and how it works.

States that are currently active: South Carolina.
State not listed? Ask to become a mod today. Currently looking for people from all southern east and gulf coast states for moderators.

Posting Rules:
Bullshit will not be tolerated. I saw very stupid posts during last years season that frankly were very hurtful. You will be banned.
The only other rule is when posting please include the following tags: storm name (name only do not include tropical storm, hurricane or anything like that), the year, and your state. You can include your city if you like.

To Become A Mod:
If you would like to become a mod to get your state active on this site, or to just be added to an already active state just shoot me an email at miss_agent_m@livejournal.com There is no limit to how many mods per state there can be. Just tell me your user name and state; its that simple. As a mod it will be your responsibility to add info and links to your state's section in the info, especially in the event of a storm. If you know of any communities for your state or cities please see if they would like to be affiliates and add them there if they do.


2007 Season

2007 Season begins on June 1 and ends on November 30.

This years predictions (as of April 3):
17 Names storms
9 Hurricanes
5 Major Hurricanes

This year's names:
* Andrea* Humberto* Olga
* Barry* Ingrid* Pablo
* Chantal* Jerry* Rebekah
* Dean* Karen* Sebastien
* Erin* Lorenzo* Tanya
* Felix* Melissa* Van
* Gabrielle* Noel* Wendy

current storm

Subtropical Storm Andrea has weakened this morning, and will have a lessening impact on the Southeast Coast over the next few days.

What began as a mid-latitude or extratropical low pressure system transitioned to a subtropical storm named Andrea yesterday. As a result, a tropical storm watch remains in effect from Altamaha Sound, Georgia southward to Flagler Beach, Florida.

Andrea has maximum sustained winds of near 40 mph and continued weakening is expected through today. The storm was drifting slowly southeast about 135 miles southeast of Savannah, Georgia. The center of Andrea is forecast to remain offshore through today and possibly remain there through its lifespan.

The greatest impacts from this storm have likely peaked on Monday and Tuesday (before it was even given a name) but brief gusty winds are still possible, especially along the South Carolina and Georgia coast.

Wave heights will continue to be on the decline during the remainder of the week however breakers of 9 to 12 feet will still crash along the beaches of South Carolina during much of today. Minor beach erosion is still possible and the risk of rip currents will remain high through at least today and possibly longer.

Coastal showers will move onshore through the day, especially along the South Carolina, Georgia and northeastern Florida coast. Unfortunately for the arid Southeast, any bit of rain is beneficial but it will likely not be a soaking rainfall. The rain that does fall will likely not be enough to help firefighters battle the fires over southeast Georgia and northern Florida.

south carolina

Mods: miss_agent_m

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Sister Sites

I need more people from all over the state to join as mods for your city too!

community info

This is a community for all of us that live on the East Coast or on the Gulf coast. Hurricane season can be a very hard time, so I've created this place for everyone to contribute to.
Right now this community is not up and running. I have a lot of work to do prior to getting it officially up and running.
Each state will have its own section with its own moderators and information that will be linked on the user info. The reason for this is basically I want this place to have as much information as possible So, in order to have your state added to this community, either offer to be a moderator or invite some of your friends to join as a moderator.

This is how this place will work. If there is a storm currently out there, it will be at the top of the user info with all of the info on it and pictures as well. Under this information will be a section for each state that has been activated. There will be links to other communities for the state, towns, information, etc. It would be great if people contributed with photos, links, information. One of the best things that could be contributed is evacuation information. Any alternatives to the marked routes that can normally take hours to travel would be awesome.

Please invite anyone you know from the coastal cities to us. Also if you are a member of any city or state specific communities, let us know and well will try to become an affiliate. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, that would be awesome. Just email me at miss_agent_m@livejournal.com

Hopefully, this place will be fully operational by the 2007 season.